Booking & Fees

Want to make sure we're the right fit?

I offer FREE one time 15 minute consultations!  


45 mins: $65

90 mins: $130

*These sessions do not include other modalities

Light Therapy Session Packages:

3 sessions:

3 x 45 mins = $175 (save $20)

3 x 90 mins = $350 (save $40)

6 sessions:

6 x 45 mins = $325 (save $65)

6 x 90 mins = $650 (save $130)



These sessions include any of the following

services or a combination of:

- Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine/Psychology  

- Individualized Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice 

- Learning Self-Healing and Relaxation Techniques

- Polychromatic Light Therapy (when done with any of above)


Adult "Tune-up"or Pediatric Session

45 mins: $100

Regular Adult Session

90 mins: $200

*Session fees include short follow-up discussions and support via email or text between sessions when needed

Intuitive Healing Session Packages:

3 sessions:

3 x 45 mins = $275 (save $25)

3 x 90 mins =$550 (save $50)

6 sessions:

6 x 45 mins = $500 (save $100)

6 x 90 mins = $1000 (save $200)

*Immediate family members can share a package

Melissa blends the intuitive and medical spectrums in such a graceful way. She has a holistic approach to integrating a session that uniquely tailors to my needs.


My 7 year old son benefited from a distance Reiki treatment during his sleep. He informed me the next day that he had happy dreams, as opposed to the usual nightmares. We are excited for more!

Julie Pouliot, RMT, BCST



Individualized long-term payment plans

(for individual sessions only, not packages) 

are available! Contact me for more details or

to book a session.

Nelson, British Colombia, Canada

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