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BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Insured Services

For British Columbia residents with a Care Card/Personal Health Number and a REFERRAL from a Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner,  I am available for Holistic Medicine Consultations.

Initial Consultation: 30 mins

Follow-Up Visits: 20 mins

MSP-insured services: 


Counselling regarding nutrition, nutritional supplementation, herbs, exercise, mental/emotional health, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and yoga.

Your Doctor will require

this info for the referral:

My MSP # is 68614

My eFax# 1-855-615-0111

*Once you have requested the referral from your Doctor, please book your appointment online at least 2 weeks after the time of referral request, as there is often a delay in the referral being sent to my office.*

Private Holistic Medicine

& Healing Session

These uninsured sessions include all of the services described above plus any combination of these services:



- Polychromatic Low-Level Laser Therapy

- Detox Program and Ionic Detox Foot Baths

- Intuitive Energy Medicine and Counselling

- Learn Self-Healing Techniques

Pediatric or Short Follow-Up Session for Adults

45 mins: $120

Adult Session (Initial or Follow-up)

75 mins: $200

 Savings Packages

3 Sessions: (Save 10%)

3 x 45 min Sessions for $325

3 x 75 min Sessions for $540

6 Sessions: (Save 17%)

6 x 45 min Sessions for $600

6 x 75 min Sessions for $1000

9 Sessions: (Save 25%)

9 x 45 min Sessions for $810

9 x 75 min Sessions for $1350


Melissa blends the intuitive and medical spectrums in such a graceful way. She has a holistic approach to integrating a session that uniquely tailors to my needs.


My 7 year old son benefited from a distance Reiki treatment during his sleep. He informed me the next day that he had happy dreams, as opposed to the usual nightmares. We are excited for more!

Julie Pouliot, RMT, BCST


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My services are a complement to and not a replacement for medical care. I have narrowed my scope of practice significantly and do not diagnose conditions, order investigations, perform medical procedures or prescribe medications.