Intuitive Holistic Medicine Sessions can be done via distance (over phone or video) or in person (Nelson, BC) and may include any combination of the following services that would be individually tailored for each client.

Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology

I look for the root causes of a client's concerns intuitively and then I aim to shift these underlying issues, which may include: blocked energy from unresolved emotions or trauma, subconscious limiting beliefs,  attachment issues, ancestral/genetic causes, nutritional deficiencies, physical toxicity, infections, etc. The primary modalities I am using to achieve this are ThetaHealing and Reiki.

Teaching Self-Healing Techniques

I love to teach clients how to use some of the energy-based techniques I use in our sessions so that they may go home with some tools for self-healing.

Individualized Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

I provide nutritional and other lifestyle recommendations that are informed by my education/training in Integrative/Functional Medicine and Yoga. I often provide breathwork or meditation techniques as well.

Polychromatic Light Therapy 

Infrared/red/blue light therapy applied directly to the skin penetrates into the body and brain, at varying depths. FDA cleared for decreasing pain and increasing circulation. I am a certified light therapist and a distributor of Inlight Medical and Neurocare Light Systems.

Detoxification: Ionic Detox Foot Baths

I offer sessions with an ionic cell cleanser. This technology offers a gentle yet powerful and effective way of detoxifying our cells and tissues from harmful toxins, through the transfer of negative and positive ions into the body through the ionized water. This ionization process helps our body release harmful particles that are not required by our bodies. The energized water helps to re-balance the body's energy meridians and allows the cells to be energized and oxygenated which makes them resistant to disease and early aging.  I also give individualized recommendations about foods and supplements to support the detoxification process, which occurs for several days following the ionic detox foot bath treatment.


For more information about the  "Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa"

please visit their website which includes research on this technology:

"Melissa has treated all members of my family, young and old, and for various reasons - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. Her intuitive healing abilities are powerfully accurate and she is so incredibly selfless with her constant support and dedication to her clients." - D. S. 

My services are not a replacement for medical care or advice. I do not diagnose conditions, order investigations or prescribe medications.


My services are not covered by extended health benefit plans or public health care.

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