Holistic & Complementary Alternative Medicine

Appointments can be done virtually or in-person (Nelson, BC) ​

Holistic Medicine services are available both in my longer private sessions as well during shorter appointments as an MSP-insured service for BC residents with a Care Card/Personal Health# and a Doctor's referral.


I provide nutritional and other lifestyle recommendations that are informed by my education in Functional Medicine, Bio-individual Nutrition and Yoga. I also provide counselling for mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing as well that is somatic-based and includes inner-child inquiry, belief work, processing of suppressed emotions and trauma, and CBT. 


I love to teach clients how to incorporate self-healing techniques into their daily lives so that they may go home with some tools and feel empowered to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands.​ This may include breath work, meditation, visualization, mindfulness and somatic-based exercises. Helping clients to awaken their own intuition/inner knowing and self-healing abilities is what excites me the most about my work!


Non-Insured Services (Private):


Polychromatic Low-level Laser Light Therapy 













Infrared/red/blue light therapy applied directly to the skin penetrates into the body and brain, at varying depths. FDA cleared for decreasing pain and increasing circulation. Hundreds of studies are showing promising results for various other conditions like PTSD, depression, dementia, brain injury, diabetic neuropathy, skin wounds and infections. I am a certified light therapist and a sales distributor of Inlight Medical and Neurocare Light Systems.

Low-level Laser Therapy for Cosmetic Purposes


I offer individualized cosmetic light therapy with the Neurocare Systems RADIANT Professional Facial System 










Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology

I offer energy medicine services to clear energetic blockages in the system from past traumas, repressed emotions, subconscious limiting beliefs, ancestral/DNA programming, attachment patterns and physical toxins. 


"Melissa has treated all members of my family, young and old, and for various reasons - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. Her intuitive healing abilities are powerfully accurate and she is so incredibly selfless with her constant support and dedication to her clients." - D. S. 



My services are a complement to and not a replacement for medical care. I have narrowed my scope of practice significantly and do not diagnose conditions, order investigations, perform medical procedures or prescribe medications.

Nelson, British Colombia, Canada

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