Melissa Crawford, M.D.

All of you wants to be seen - the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Integrating and healing all aspects of you is necessary to be healthy and whole.

My goal is to help clients connect more deeply with the true essence of who they are so they may live their lives with more health, joy, freedom and love.

Melissa is a divine magical soul. Her heart is pure, her energy is like a clear white light, and her presence is very nurturing. I have had two major break-throughs with her that have enabled me to step into and embrace who I am at a soul level. I’ve been working in this area for many years and I am very picky about who I allow to work within my energy field. If you are ready to open your heart and step into your soul, then she’s your gal. I highly recommend Melissa. Working with her is a gift!

-Jillian MacKay

I am an intuitive healer and yoga teacher with a Medical Degree. This rare combination of education and skills allows me to create a very holistic experience in my sessions and classes. I use this wide scope of knowledge and tools I have to help guide and empower my clients and students in achieving optimal health and wellbeing on all levels.

What I Offer

Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology

Learn Self-Healing - Awaken Your Inner Healer!

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Self-Care Coaching

Polychromatic (Infrared) Light Therapy

Kundalini Yoga Classes/Workshops

Reiki Certification Classes 

"Receiving Reiki from Melissa allowed me to feel safe in my body for the first time in over 10 years" 
- Larissa

Nelson, British Colombia, Canada

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